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在"Over 24 years after its serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump, the super popular Japanese manga ""ONE PIECE"" (Author Eiichiro Oda/Published by SHUEISHA) reached a milestone when it released its 100th volumes on September 3 this year.
The cumulative total number of copies printed of the original comic book series has exceeded 490 million worldwide (as of November 2021) which has immense popularity as the ""nationally famous comic book"" in both name and reality.

Additionally, the “ONE PIECE” Anime (airing every Sunday at 9:30 AM on Fuji Television Network), which began broadcasting in 1999, finally reached its 1000th episode on Sunday, November 21.
At the time of the release of “ONE PIECE” Manga Vol.100, author Eiichiro Oda commented that “The story is in the final phase”, and both the comics and the anime are showing the greatest excitement in the history of the series!

Prior to the broadcast of the 1000th episode of “ONE PIECE” TV Anime, the countdown suddenly started on Thursday, November 11 on the official ""ONE PIECE"" website and the official Twitter account, “ONE PIECE.com ” (@OPcom_info).
Many fans who noticed the countdown are looking forward to the November 21 broadcast day with great excitement, such as “Can anyone tell me what this countdown means?” ,“Maybe a tremendous thing is waiting for us??? ”and ""What are they counting down to!? I can't wait for tomorrow!"".
While the excitement of the fans was at its peak, new release of the movie "" ONE PIECE FILM RED"" as the long-awaited 4th “ONE PIECE FILM” series, produced by the original author and the general producer Eiichiro Oda, was announced during the airing of 1000th episode of “ONE PIECE” TV Anime. The special preview trailer and the teaser visual were also unveiled."