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About T-Coins

Terms and Conditions in relation to T-Coins

Members can earn T-Coins through spending on Toei Animation Enterprises Ltd.’s website “toei-anim.com” or through its mobile app (collectively “Toei Animation eStore”). 

T-Coins earned can be used to deduct your spending total at Toei Animation eStore.

How do you earn T-Coins?

Get 5 T-Coin upon $100 purchase and get 1 T-Coin for every additional HK$20 you spend on Toei Animation eStore.

About T-Coins

  • (a) Members must successfully enrol and register as members by completing an registration form available on our website before a purchase transaction in order to earn and use T-Coins. No retroactive T-Coins reward will be arranged.
  • (b) The earning, redemption and use of T-Coins (“Promotion”) are only valid for purchase transaction made on Toei Animation eStore.
  • (c) Members can only earn T-Coins from the net amount (not including any delivery charges and after discount) of their eligible purchase transactions (excluding invalid or cancelled transactions for returned or exchange items). Members can earn 1 T-Coin for every HK$20 net amount (not including any delivery charges and after discount) of spending upon each single purchase transaction on Toei Animation eStore.
  • (d) If the amount of a purchase transaction is settled by members partially by cash and partially by redeemed T-Coins, members  can only earn 1 T-Coin for every HK$20 net amount of the cash value paid (not including any delivery charges and after discount).
  • (e) T-coins can only be redeemed for settlement or partial settlement of the price of a purchase transaction when the total net amount (not including any delivery charges and after discount) of such transaction is HK$50 or above.
  • (f) Every T-Coin is redeemable for HK$1 for partial settlement of the net amount (not including any delivery charges and after discount) of a purchase transaction.
  • (g) In case of damage of the purchased product(s), members may contact our customer service representative within 7 days upon receipt of the purchased product(s) for exchange or refund. In case a refund request is approved under normal circumstances, we shall arrange for refund to you in the manner of your original payment method or coupon. However, refund request for product(s) purchased or partially purchased by redeemed T-Coins will not be accepted. In case of damage, please contact our customer service representative.
  • (h) In case of dispute, decisions made by Toei Animation shall be final.
  • (i) Toei Animation reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice to members which will be effective when posted on Toei Amination eStore. Toei Animation is not liable for any amendments to these terms and conditions.

In case of discrepancy between the above terms and conditions in English and in Chinese, the English version shall prevail.