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[Anime News Express]Digimon Adventure (2020) episode 14 preview

Taichi's group is attacked by a swarm of Kuwagamon led by an Okuwamon as they travel through the canyon,their speed and coordination overwhelming the children's Digimon. Koshiro, who had been using his tabletto analyze the enemies they encounter for weaknesses ever since their arrival to the Digital World,becomes distraught as it shuts down at a critical moment. As he and Kabuterimon are separated from the others,the two are cornered by Okuwamon. Sensing his partner's growing self-doubt, Kabuterimon helps Koshiro to realize that his over-reliance on his tablet has been stopping him from using his natural intelligence. Regaining his confidence, Koshiro devises a successful plan using the reflective stones scattered around the canyon to disorient the Kuwagamon, allowing the others to defeat them. In the process, Kabuterimon also evolves into AtlurKabuterimon and destroys Okuwamon, with Koshiro's tablet working once again after the battle has concluded.