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[Anime News Express]Digimon Adventure (2020) episode 13 preview

Yamato's group continue their journey with Birdramon flying them over a jungle when they encounter a swarm of Funbeemon fleeingfrom an army of Waspmon being led by the fortress-like CannonBeemon before being attacked themselves.In the process, Sora and Yamato learns from an escaped Funbeemon that the Waspmon are capturing them to serve as CannonBeemon'sarmy while Joe and Gomamon, separated from the others, gets captured. Sora and Yamato managed to infiltrate CannonBeemon's insidesto rescue Joe and Gomamon, but the children are forced to escape before they could free the rest of the Funbeemon.Sora and Birdramon then tried to go back and rescue them on their own, but the boys quickly caught on to her plan and began assisting her. Sora's compassion for the others triggers Birdramon's evolution into Garudamon who then destroys CannonBeemon. As Yamato's group part ways with the grateful Funbeemon,

Taichi's group comes across a maze-like canyon...