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[Anime News Express]Digimon Adventure (2020) episode 12 preview

Mimi and Palmon fell into the depths of the ruins. Meanwhile, Mimi and Palmon wandered about the ruins, eventually coming across a deactivated Guardromon among piles of robotic Digimon parts whom Mimi express sympathy towards. A Soundbirdmon that had been stealthily following them brainwashes an Andromon into attacking Mimi, but Guardromon suddenly reactivated by itself and helped them escape. Mimi and Palmon bonds with Guardromon, who eventually reunites them with the others, but Andromon catches up, easily defeating the other Digimons while matching MetalGreymon's power with its own until the heavily damaged Guardromon sacrifices itself to hold back Andromon. Mimi's grief causes Togemon to evolve into Lilimon and defeat Andromon, who regained his senses before he and Guardromon's body are enveloped in vegetation caused by Lilimon's attack. After learning that Guardromon and Andromon were former comrades until the latter was brainwashed, Mimi leaves the flower Guardromon had given her as a memorial for the two Digimon before leaving the ruins.