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[Anime News Express]Digimon Adventure (2020) episode 11 preview

Yamato, Sora and  are ambushed at the desert by some SandYanmamon when a Scorpiomon appears and attacks both sides. They escape to a cave, taking some Kyaromon they rescued to Neamon, who is leading a group of refugees in search for Leomon, who is leading the fight against the Digimon possessed by the miasma. Yamato affirms that the children already have their own task at hand and refuses to offer help, but Joe and Sora decide to assist them. While Yamato leaves alone, the others cross the desert together until the Scorpiomon and more SandYanmamon appear and attack them. Yamato, realizing he needed to trust his companions, returns to defend them, with Garurumon eventually evolving into WereGarurumon who easily destroys Scorpiomon. After leading the refugees to safety, the children continue their journey together. Back to the ruins, Mimi triggers a trap and falls into a hole with Palmon, much to the others' shock.